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Probability of Winning Craps

Craps is one of the many casino games and casino promotions that have a very strong basis in simple mathematics. Figuring the probability of winning craps requires a basic knowledge of the game and the odds.

Law of Averages

One of the notions that are common among newer craps players--and some experienced ones--is that the law of average takes precedence over the dice. This means that if in previous rolls, there have been a five, a seven and a two, then there is a very strong likelihood that a 10 will be rolled soon simply because it has not been rolled in a while. Over the course of millions and millions of rolls, this is very sound logic. Each of the 11 possible number combinations on online casino will come up equally on average. In a short-term setting, this law simply does not apply.

Other Players have No Effect

Another very common misconception about the probability of winning craps is that hot rollers at the same table will have a negative effect on the other players. It is very important for players of all skill levels to remember that there is absolutely nothing another player can do to change the odds of certain craps bets. Some players just have lucky streaks and players that believe in the passage of luck will do well to play next to a hot roller for a few rounds.

The law of averages in online poker and hot rollers may have a huge impact on the psyche of other craps players at a table, but there is absolutely nothing other than pure mathematical equations that can determine the probability of winning craps.