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Monte Carlo Casino

When it comes to bricks-and-mortar gambling institutions, people all over the world are familiar with places like Las Vegas. However, Monte Carlo, which is located in the small country of Monaco, boasts one of the most thriving gambling online scenes in the world.

The History of Monte Carlo Casinos

The casinos found in Monte Carlo date back around 150 years when Prince Florestan of Monaco decided to generate funds for the state in 1854. Through careful planning and construction, the first online casino opened its doors in 1856. The main casino in the country, known as Monte Carlo Casino, began construction in the year 1858 with the help of world-renowned architect Charles Garnier. To this day, the casino still operates and is an extremely popular tourist destination. and label as the gambling cities

The Opening of the Casino

After several years of planning and construction, the Monte Carlo casino opened in 1863. However, business was not as planned; the casino owners and proprietors were not able to generate enough traffic to pay back his loans from the state. In order to remedy the situation, European roulette wheels the classic table games were introduced to the casino and were a big hit. Soon after opening, gambling aficionado Joseph Jagger cleaned house in 1873, completely breaking the bank. Charles Wells, a renowned con artist, played with money he borrowed from banks and started one of the largest gambling controversies in history.

The Casino in Modern Times

The face of the Monte Carlo Casino began to change in 1898 when the Societe des Bains de Mer took over the casino; this was a private company that had a substantial amount of money staked in the government. Although it is said that roulette was the game of choice when the casino games opened, poker is now the main attraction. Today, Monte Carlo hosts the annual European Poker Tour which is televised in several countries and has a fan base in the millions.

Like many locations around the world, the history behind gambling in Monte Carlo is fraught with turmoil and monetary gain. However, hundreds of thousands of tourists per year still visit this 150-year-old casino for a chance at winning big.